Governor Scott Announces Budget Action and Veto List

In an unexpected move, Governor Rick Scott announced today the vetoes that he intends to make once he receives the budget from the Legislature.  He had said yesterday as he began his Million,  Billion Jobs Victory Tour around the state that he thought the $83.2 billion budget passed by the Legislature was a good one.  Read more about Governor Scott Announces Budget Action and Veto List[…]

Sine Die Report

The Florida Legislature adjourned, Sine Die, at 6:45 p.m. on Friday evening, wrapping up the 60 day Legislative Session. The House and Senate passed an $82.3 billion budget with a near unanimous 159-1 vote in the two chambers.  The bipartisan support of the budget is rare and gave strong signal that the Legislative body would Read more about Sine Die Report[…]

The Florida Legislature Passes Near Unanimous Budget

The last week of session proved eventful and historic.  On Tuesday, March 8th, the Conference Committee At Large had their final meeting, in which final portions of the budget were agreed to. With the completion of the negotiations, the budget agreements were filed as the Conference Committee Report or the General Appropriations Act (GAA); starting Read more about The Florida Legislature Passes Near Unanimous Budget[…]

Budget Entering Final Stages

Last night, Conference Committee Chairs Tom Lee and Richard Corcoran met for the last time. In their final meeting, Chair Corcoran presented House offers on Education budget spreadsheet items, proviso language and implementing bill language. Chair Lee presented Senate offers on language for conforming bill HB 5007, Relating to Collective Bargaining, and Senate supplemental funding Read more about Budget Entering Final Stages[…]

Tallahassee Capitol

Budget Conferencing Subcommittees Conclude Meetings

The Florida Legislature has worked tirelessly over the past 6 days to construct the Florida budget. Budget conferencing began on Saturday after allocations were released. The process began with conference subcommittees, made up of members from both chambers, meeting to begin dividing up the allocations in their specific budget category. The goal of the conference Read more about Budget Conferencing Subcommittees Conclude Meetings[…]

Governor’s Priorities Left on the Cutting Room Floor

The 2016 Legislative Session is turning out to be a rough one on Governor Rick Scott. A few weeks before session began the Governor offered his budget priorities to the Legislature, which included a $1 billion tax cut package, a $250 million fund for Enterprise Florida, and record levels of education spending. As the session Read more about Governor’s Priorities Left on the Cutting Room Floor[…]

Florida’s Budget is Approaching the Final Stages

The joint conference committees concluded their negotiations last evening. They each finalized those issues that they could come to agreement on and now all outstanding issues have been bumped to the Conference Committee Chairs, Chairmen Tom Lee and Richard Corcoran. Education The Education Conference Committee held its final meeting Sunday evening. Chairman Gaetz and Chairman Read more about Florida’s Budget is Approaching the Final Stages[…]

Budget In The Works

Over the weekend the Legislature stayed very busy constructing the Florida budget. The budget conference began on Saturday and continued through Sunday. A lot of progress was made over the weekend, and conference committees will continue to meet until all budget issues are resolved, or “bumped” to the Appropriations Conference Committee At Large. The Legislature Read more about Budget In The Works[…]

Tallahassee Capitol

The Florida Legislature has Begun Budget Conferencing

Senator Tom Lee and Representative Richard Corcoran announced Friday evening that they have come to an agreement on allocations, and will begin budget conferencing this weekend. The allocations provide the amount the state will be spending in total, it is a nonbinding agreement on how much General Revenue each budget category has to spend going Read more about The Florida Legislature has Begun Budget Conferencing[…]