Budget Entering Final Stages

Last night, Conference Committee Chairs Tom Lee and Richard Corcoran met for the last time. In their final meeting, Chair Corcoran presented House offers on Education budget spreadsheet items, proviso language and implementing bill language. Chair Lee presented Senate offers on language for conforming bill HB 5007, Relating to Collective Bargaining, and Senate supplemental funding issues. Each chamber accepted the others’ offers in their entirety.

Now that the Conference Committee At Large has finished all negotiations, the budget agreements will be filed as the Conference Committee Report or the General Appropriations Act (GAA). There is a 72-hour window for public viewing before the adoption of the report by both chambers. Each chamber then adopts the report, and votes on the final version of the budget. Then Governor Scott signs the budget with the option to use a line-item veto, which allows him to cancel specific appropriations. A two-thirds majority vote is needed to overturn any veto.

Click here to view HB 5001 General Appropriations Act.