Florida Standards Assessments Proved Valid with a Catch

The Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) is the new standardized test used for assessing public school students from third grade to high school. A study that was released on September 1st concluded that the FSA is a valid test for assigning A through F grades and teacher evaluations, but not for making critical decisions like promoting students to the next grade, or awarding a diploma. The study stated that due to computer problems during the FSA’s roll out in 2015, it should not be used as a credible standard to make critical decisions this year. The Florida Department of Education estimated 1 to 5 percent of students had trouble on each test mostly due to the computer issues. Florida Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart has said that despite the problematic roll out, the FSA is a well-constructed exam and the department of education is preparing for the new round of testing in 2016.

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